Flood Clean Up At Rogue Farms

We were up before the sun this morning, getting started on the big clean up job Mother Nature left for us after December’s massive rain and floods.

A crew of our fellow Rogues rode in on a bus to help, and here’s what greeted them. One of the coldest mornings of the year.

Sunrise over an icy hopyard at Rogue Farms.
Sunrise over an icy hopyard at Rogue Farms.
A similar view from the next-door hazelnut orchard.
A similar view from the next-door hazelnut orchard.

After warming up with gallons of coffee, we began the day’s chores.

The biggest mess was in our field of Prickless marionberries. Tons of debris rushed through here during the floods, getting entangled in the roots and pulling up plants. We replanted some of the marionberries, and retrained the ones that came off the trellis. We had to pull, lift and move it all by hand.


The floods and winds knocked over trees and dumped them everywhere. We found limbs and logs in the hopyard and over by the Hop ‘N’ Bed, our century old farmhouse. Anything too big to move we cut into smaller pieces with a chainsaw. You could feel the buzz around the farm.


When we wrapped up at Rogue Farms, we took off to help our friends and neighbors. A next-door hopyard was hit even worse, and we helped the grower remove the tons of trees, limbs and other field debris from his place. Some of us went into Independence to shovel gravel along some sidewalks that need repairs.


We haven’t forgotten how our neighbors came to our side during the big floods of 2012. It was time to return the favor and get some mud on our boots.