Farm To Pint And The True Meaning Of Local Beer

At first we were taken aback by the headline in Men’s Journal. How could Farm-To-Pint beer be doomed when at Rogue Farms we’ve been growing our own ingredients for nearly a decade?

Reading further we realized they were on to something. Farm-to-Pint isn’t really doomed says Men’s Journal, it’s just a lot of hard work and risk. Most breweries aren’t willing, or (in our case) crazy enough, to make the leap into farming.

Here’s our favorite quote. What does local beer really mean when most of the ingredients come from hundreds of miles away?

“Local beer” no longer simply means beer that is brewed locally. Instead, the term is beginning it ignite expectations of beer that is crafted with ingredients that are grown nearby, if not at the brewery.

Men’s Journal

Click here for the entire article. It’s a fascinating read.