Countdown To The Rogue Farms Berry Harvest

We grabbed this photo of the beautiful fruit growing in our field of Prickless Marionberries. The red color tells us we’re just a few weeks away from harvest (They’re not ripe until they turn dark purple). The large size means we’re going to have a great crop.


Every growing season is different at Rogue Farms. In some years the harvest starts with our malting barley. A few years ago it began with our honey. This season, it’s looking like we’ll pick our marionberries first.

Come out to Rogue Farms to get a last look at our marionberries before we pick them clean. Then enjoy the warm days with a glass of our Marionberry Braggot. We made it with the marionberries we grow ourselves, and the honey from the 7,140,289 Rogue Farms honeybees.

Join us and see how we grow beers, spirits, ciders, sodas and braggot from Ground to Glass.