Catch Em In The Rye

We’re declaring victory in the War On Slugs.

You may remember that we lost most of our Rogue Farms Dream Rye to slugs a few months back. But we managed to save four acres and replanted six more.

Now look at it! The Dream Rye is nearly five feet high and growing kernels. This crop is so good, it’s as if the slugfest never happened.


But we’re not letting down our guard. Thanks to our friends over at Modern Farmer, we have our own modest proposal to deal with the slugs should they return and go after our rye.

EscaRogue De Chatoe

Harvest the slugs several days before preparing this recipe. Keep them in a cage and fatten them on scraps of lettuce and herbs. This will improve the flavor and remove any unwanted toxins they picked up in the wild.




Tasting Notes:

Note: Never eat raw slugs. They can make you seriously ill and even kill you. We’re not joking.