Barley Harvest Rolls On Despite New Wildfire Warnings

The National Weather Service issued a new Red Flag Wildfire Warning for Rogue Farms in Tygh Valley, Oregon.

Strong afternoon winds, combined with dry air, are creating perfect conditions for a wildfire to spread quickly through the region. The one break we’re getting? Temperatures have cooled by 10-15 degrees since Friday. Not so hot, but still potentially dangerous.


It is anything but business as usual here at Rogue Farms as we wrap up the harvest of our Risk™ winter variety of malting barley.

The heat and dry air has forced us to go slow as we reap, thresh and winnow the 100-acre field of Risk™. Barley kernels will more easily shatter in these kinds of dry conditions, so a gentle touch is needed to keep the grains intact. Our other worry is a spark from one of the combines, tractors or trucks setting the fields on fire.

So far, so good. But keep your fingers crossed for us. We want to make sure we have all the barley we need for our Rogue beers and spirits.


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