A Weekend Storm Smackdown At Rogue Farms

We need rain at Rogue Farms. Days of steady rain last week – with more to come in the forecast – is welcomed after one of the driest spring seasons on record.

But that Saturday hail and wind storm we could have done without, especially after we saw what it did to our Field of Dream Rye.

Here’s what the Dream Rye looked liked earlier in the day. Five feet tall and headed. Seeds are forming and filling with a milky substance that will later become the endosperm, germ and bran. Rye and other grains use lots of moisture during this stage of development.


And then this happened.


Strong winds -possibly a microburst – knocked down a wide stretch of the rye. Up to five acres are flat as a pancake.

How bad is the damage? It’s hard to say. We’re still learning how to be rye farmers. We’re hoping it’ll spring back enough to keep it off the ground and be harvestable in July.