Camp Monsters: Batsquatch

Listen to the legend of the Batsquatch on REI's new podcast.

REI is featuring the story of the Batsquatch — the very same one that inspired us to brew Rogue Ales Batsquatch, a hazy IPA — on their new Camp Monsters podcast. You can download it and listen to the legend of this Pacific Northwest creature now.

October 10, 2019 — "After the blast of Mount Saint Helens in 1980, the area around the mountain was filled with ash and silence. And then something began to appear in this barren landscape," according to the first episode of REI's new podcast, Camp Monsters.

The podcast premiered on October 1. A narrator invites listeners to gather around the fire for a story in each episode. Monsters from all over the country make appearances but it's the Batsquatch legend that we're anxious to hear. After all, those tales and hazy details of a nine-foot-tall wolf man with thirty foot-wide bat wings are what inspired us to brew a hazy IPA and name it Batsquatch.

A map of the monsters featured on REI's Camp Monsters podcast.
A map of the monsters featured on REI's Camp Monsters podcast.

Since its release, there have been two more stories added: Tahoe Tessie and Slide-Rock Bolter. And there are several more legends to come.

Are you ready to hear these stories? Download Camp Monsters wherever you listen to podcasts.