Breaking: Brewer Finds Mysterious Beer Brewing

Unsanctioned Beer was recently discovered brewing at Rogue World Headquarters In Newport, Ore.

Last month, we received reports of an unknown beer brewing at our Newport, Ore. headquarters. After a long investigation and help from our internal docu-series producer, Noah Smith, we have found the culprit of this delicious Northeast-style sour IPA.

An unsanctioned brew wasn't the first outlandish report we received from our brew crew in Newport. In early May, we caught wind that Brewer Michael King claimed to have an encounter with a fuzzy, yet dangerous creature while grabbing hops out of cold storage. "He didn't touch any of the other hops we have in there, just our Australian hops," claims Associate Master Brewer, Joel Shields.

In true Rogue fashion, our brewers meticulously worked to evolve this brew into a Northeast-style sour IPA with Australian hops, blood orange and grapefruit, which they named after the ferocious Combat Wombat.

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