Big Al Tours Rogue America

The President of the Rogue Nation will hit the road again this month.

It was pissing rain and flooding in Texas when RV Force One, the official vehicle of the Rogue Nation President, rolled into the state. The President himself, Big Al Jorgensen was driving the RV emblazoned with his face as Ambassador and Presidential Body Double, Russ Dragon, served as copilot.

“We thought maybe we’d have to stop to put pontoons on the RV,” Al recalled. But the duo made it to Austin safely for their 6th stop on the Spring Rogue Nation Tour this past June to meet local Rogue Nation Citizens at a series of events.


The experience was the most harrowing of recent Rogue Nation Tours for Big Al. Since kicking off the semi-annual Rogue Nation Tour in 2015, he’s driven through 35 cities (including London and Amsterdam), named 39 bars Rogue Nation embassies, and sworn in countless Rogue Nation citizens.

He does it all so he can meet the people who love Rogue all across the country — and the world.

When he arrives in a new city, he’s greeted with “Welcome, Mister President” and he hears countless stories from citizens who tell him how much they appreciate him bringing Rogue to them.

“I get to rep a brand without restraints and tell those stories,” Al explains. This is why he finds it rewarding.

Al had been friends with Rogue founder Jack Joyce since January 2, 1989, the first year Rogue Ales & Spirits was in existence and long before there was a Rogue Nation. The Nation is made up of people who not only love Rogue beer but appreciate the Revolution Rogue had been part of in the early days of the craft beer movement — when people would no longer accept tasteless ales & lagers. Today, it includes more than 100,000 citizens from around the world.


Big Al originally served as President of the Rogue Nation from 1993 through the late ’90s when he took on the important task of managing events at Rogue. But he was soon re-elected president in the summer of 2013 and immediately went about bringing the Nation back together.

He’s sworn in people all over the world, including the most memorable citizen, Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto when he visited Rogue in the summer of 2014.

It wasn’t long after that when he realized he’d need to hit the road to meet all Rogue citizens since not everyone could make it to the Rogue Nation Headquarters in Newport, Oregon.

Big Al has made it his mission to bring Rogue’s stories (and beers) to citizens around the world. And he’s not done yet.

Big Al will be back on the road at the end of the month, visiting North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana and Texas, once again. He’s looking forward to attending the LSU tailgate on September 17.

Where to after that? Big Al wants to take the Rogue Nation all the way to Japan.


Want to know where Big Al is heading this fall? Click here to get his schedule. And keep a look out for updates on his travels by following Rogue Ales & Spirits on Facebook and Twitter.