Beer, Kombucha and The Virtue of Slow

Rogue collides with Brew Dr. Kombucha

Craft beer and kombucha come together in a new crazy collision from Rogue Ales & Spirits and Brew Dr. Kombucha.

The virtue of the sloth is slowness: taking your time and doing things right. That's a philosophy that our neighbors at Brew Dr. Kombucha practice when they craft their crisp and refreshing kombucha. And it's probably why they've chosen a sloth as their spirit animal.

We're big fans of Brew Dr. Kombucha. So much so that we patiently brewed an imperial blonde ale to complement their unique, tangy flavors just so we could blend the two together. The result: Kulture Clash, an invigorating balance of beer and kombucha, made slowly and carefully so that we could perfect it.

Otis graces the Kulture Clash bottle.
Otis graces the Kulture Clash bottle.

Once we'd created the extraordinary brew inside the bottle, we needed to design the outside. And who better to represent the beer than Brew Dr. Kombucha's sloth.

His name is Otis Sisgood. His origin story dates back to the early days of the company when they opened their original teahouse on Alberta Street in Portland, Ore. back in 2006. Artist Nicole Georges painted them a portrait of animals sipping tea; one of those animals was a sloth, the ideal embodiment of their process.

From that moment on, the sloth became a part of the Brew Dr. team. His likeness can be found all over their production facility -- and even in felt form, thanks to the efforts of Brand Manager Rob Nollendberger's talented mom (who felts a new sloth for every product). He's even sneaked onto their labels (peel one back to find him and say hi).

"He's not only a source of wisdom and levity, but a constant reminder to take your time and do things right. Can't rush the fermentation goodness," says Rob.

When you find Otis, he's always got something to say.
When you find Otis, he's always got something to say.

Our Rogue Graphic Designer, Evan Bartholomew approached the task of illustrating Otis the Sloth with great care. He styled the bottle after the brown-throated three-toed variety and placed not one but two pints of the golden-hued brew in his claws (one for him and one for his drinking buddy). With feedback from our kombucha producing friends, he also gave him an "easy smile" that goes hand-in-hand with his relaxed and chill personality.

Otis is definitely the kind of guy who savors his beverage and at 6.9% ABV, that's a good call. We raise a glass of Kulture Clash to our favorite sloth. Cheers, Otis.

Kulture Clash arrives April 1. Use our Rogue Finder to hunt it down near you.


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