And The Dead Guy Tattoo Goes To …

We’re announcing the grand prize winner(s) of the Rogue My Dead Guy Ink contest.

The competition was fierce between our eight My Dead Guy Ink finalists. Over the past week, they all amassed votes for their entries. Two finalists ran neck and neck throughout the contest. It was a hard fought race that came to an end late last night.

Both finalists proved without a doubt that they were diehard Dead Guy fans and true Rogues. When it came to picking a winner, we just couldn’t chose between them. So we went Rogue: We’re bringing both of them to Rogue World Headquarters to get a one-of-a-kind Dead Guy tattoo from a local artist of their choice.

Jason Tholen shows off his first Rogue tattoo.
Jason Tholen shows off his first Rogue tattoo.

Jason Tholen already tattooed “Rogue” onto his forearm. The first beer he ever shared with his wife was a Dead Guy Ale and that might explain why his daughter is also named Rogue. He earned a big lead early in the contest and held on.

But Chris Martel was hot on his trail. An Oregon native whose 2nd legal beer was a Dead Guy Ale, Chris now lives on the east coast and travels all over for work. With every trip to the Pacific Northwest, he returns home with a new Rogue to add to his collection. He even hunted down one of our Rogue Raw Material bottles, filled with hops and barley, at an antique store in Toronto.

A small sample of Chris Martel’s Rogue collection.
A small sample of Chris Martel’s Rogue collection.

When the final vote was counted, it was too close to call. So congrats to our two Grand Prize Winners. And thank you to all those who entered the My Dead Guy Ink contest.

Jason and Chris will now journey to Oregon to visit Rogue Farms and Rogue World Headquarters and stop to get a Dead Guy tattoo. We’ve partnered with Tomma Mueller, Aaron Burright, Eric Quale and Josh McBurnett, local tattoo artists who’ve each designed their take on the Dead Guy.

We’ll be following Jason and Chris on their journey. More of the story to come.