Even A Dead Guy Can Evolve

This Halloween, Share a #DeadGuyStory

Rogue Dead Guy Ale is a maibock-style ale that's acted as a gateway craft beer for many beer lovers. As part of its birthday party, we're hosting a contest and looking for the best Dead Guy Stories out there.

September 13, 2019 — With Halloween right around the corner, Rogue Ales & Spirits is ready to celebrate our favorite Dead Guy. Since its creation in the early '90s, Dead Guy has been an iconic Rogue brew. It was many people’s first introduction to craft beer. Others picked it up later in life and the love was instant.

“We developed Dead Guy 29 years ago and it has been one of our all-time favorite beers,” says Rogue President Dharma Tamm. “Dead Guy is enjoyed 365 days a year by beer drinkers in all 50 states but there is no better time to crack open a Dead Guy than this time of year.”

Dead Guy Ale’s notoriety lives on while the portfolio of products has expanded with the introduction of Dead ‘N’ Dead, Dead Guy Whiskey, Double Dead Guy and Dead Guy merchandise. As a nod to the evolution of Dead Guy, Rogue is looking back and collecting Dead Guy stories online and via social media.

Throughout the month of October, Rogue is hosting a “What’s Your Dead Guy Story” contest. Rogue fans will be asked to share their #DeadGuyStory for the chance to win a daily prize pack and a grand prize trip to Portland, Newport and Independence, Oregon to visit the Rogue World Headquarters.

“There’s the story about toasting with Dead Guy at a wedding, the story where Dead Guy helped you through a divorce, the one where you guzzled Dead Guy post race, and the one where you dressed up as the Dead Guy,” adds Bliss Dake, Rogue Vice President of Marketing. “We want to hear your story. Where did you discover Dead Guy and what does it mean to you?”

Visit to learn more, and use the Rogue Finder to find Dead Guy near you.