6.1% ABV
60 IBU

Knuckle Buster

Cold IPA

At Rogue, we are always working on new ideas that break from the norm; this collaboration is no different. Our friends at Revival Cycles in Austin, Texas also like to push the envelope with their hand-built motorcycles, so teaming up on a new style of IPA that uses a cold fermentation technique just made sense. Knuckle Buster Cold IPA turns out fairly light in body with a floral hop aroma and flavor. It drinks crisp and refreshing, perfect for winding down after busting your knuckles in the garage all day.

Availability: January-April

12oz Can 6 Pack

Superior Pils, Flaked Rice, Hallertauer Blanc, Belma, Nelson Sauvin, Motueka, Comet, Cascade

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