A Year in Review

Notable Rogues retired at the end of 2018 and passed the torch onto a new president, a new brewmaster and a new head distiller who led us in to 2019. These Rogues had big shoes to fill and were up for the challenge. Over the past few days, we’ve been toasting the end of a great year and reflecting on what lies ahead. Here are just a few of the highlights from 2019.

1. Batquatch and Outta Line Joined the Rogue Core Family: We started 2019 aggressively with the launch of two new year-round IPAs: Outta Line IPA and Batsquatch Hazy IPA. Outta Line is a quintessential West Coast-style IPA that opens tangerine and mango, balanced by malt sweetness and a crisp hop bite. Batsquatch is the first hazy IPA in Rogue’s year-round lineup and features bold tropical aromas, flavors of stonefruit and tangerine, and a fruity citrus rind finish. These products crushed it and fans couldn’t get enough. Batsquatch became our second best-selling beer and Outta Line became our fourth.

2. New Rolling Thunder Stouted Whiskey Won Best Craft Whiskey: In early 2019 we released a whiskey that was distilled at Rogue's distillery then aged in barrels built at our cooperage that had already aged an Imperial Stout brewed by our brewery. Rolling Thunder Stouted Whiskey is the culmination of all things ‘Do It Yourself’ from Rogue. It’s an extraordinary spirit that won Double Gold and Best Craft Distiller Whiskey at the 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

3. We Harvested Our Own Salt for Just A Pinch: Rogue is made for the curious and that curiosity led us into the depths of the ocean. What do you do when you need salt for a beer and you live on the Yaquina Bay? You harvest it yourself. So that’s exactly what we did on a beautiful day in March. We jumped on a crabbing boat and hand harvested 400 pounds of salt, the equivalent of 1,306 saltshakers, to add to our brew.

4. Canned Cocktails Allow You to Cocktail Anytime, Anywhere: In August we launched a brand-new category, our first line of canned cocktails. We mixed up a Ginger Lime Vodka Mule, Cranberry Elderflower Vodka Soda and Cucumber Lime Gin Fizz so you don't have to. These gluten-free, sparkling cocktails are made from 100% natural ingredients and Rogue Spirits. Just crack one (or two, or three) open and enjoy.

5. Coast Haste Showcased Hops from the Rogue Farm: We celebrated the hop harvest in September with the launch of Coast Haste, an imperial hazy IPA, that is made with wet hops straight from the Rogue Farm.

6. We Partied with TEDx, REI, Icon Motosports and Filson, to name a few: We love to party, and we love partying even more when we get to do it with friends. This year we joined TEDx at their conference, hosted the Batsquatch Festival with REI, brewed a beer with Icon Motosports and watched a remarkable film with Filson.

7. 1,072 Dead Guy Stories Were Told: Throughout the month of October, we asked our fans to tell their “Dead Guy Story.” Some were spooky, some were funny, some were serious, and all in all, we heard over 1,000 tales about our favorite Dead Guy.

8. Over $100K was Donated to Charity: We continued to ‘Feed the Fisherman’ and gave over $100,000 to charities in 2019. A few of the causes that our near and dear to our heart include the Alzheimer’s Association, Project Pooch, Animal Aid, the Issaquah Firehouse, and Camp Ukandu.

9. Dreamland Lager was Brewed to Build Skateparks: Drink beer. Build skateparks. To close out the year, we launched a new beer in partnership with Dreamland Skateparks to benefit skateparks in our hometown of Newport and beyond. A portion of the proceeds from Dreamland Lager, which is available nationwide on tap and in cans, will help fund skateparks all over the world.

10. Reached the 10 Million Can Mark for the First Time: In 2019, we canned and shipped over 11.3 million cans to 50 states, 45 countries and 3 territories.