Welcome to Oregon, Belma®

The hop behind Batsquatch IPA

Rogue just planted the first-ever Oregon crop of Belma® Hops


We’ve never been afraid to take a chance and embark on an adventure. That’s why we are planting the very first Belma® hops in Oregon on our 22-acre hop farm in Independence. This relatively new hop variety is not yet widely used in the industry and we’re excited to grow and experiment with it!

Why Belma® hops? First off, they’re delicious. With unique characteristics of tropical fruit, stone fruit and berry, these hops are ideal for pale ales and their juicy flavor profile works great in hazy IPAs. Second, Belma® hops are used in Batsquatch Hazy IPA, one of our most popular brews, and they’re a hard hop to acquire. So we made the choice to grown our own.

We planted the hop rhizomes (roots) in March 2020, just as the soil became warm enough to support them. Now they’re growing inches every day and we’re watching their progress with eager eyes.

It remains to be seen what unique characteristics will be imparted into Belma® hops by the rich terroir of the Willamette Valley. Crops willing, we'll have a few bales to harvest in the fall, and we'll be putting them in beer by December!

Batsquatch is the beer for adventure, so it only makes sense that making the beer is an adventure too. We’re excited to grow these exceptional hops and brew up some tasty beer. Follow @rogueales on social media to see our progress.

Here they grow!
Here they grow!