Dedicated to Surviving the Holidays

style - ALE

When Santa caught Krampus stealing his beloved rum balls he offered Krampus a choice: either give them back, or wrestle for 'em. Krampus, blinded by the allure of the delicious sweets, chose to face Santa in the ring. A poor choice, as not even a full minute into the fight, Santa knocked Krampus down and landed a devastating elbow drop. Krampus, writhing in pain, conceded the match and handed over the rum balls. The elbow drop, forever known as the Kringle Krusher, and Santa's love for the confection are the inspiration for this year's Santa's Private Reserve. Enjoy.

Ingredients: Weyerman Pilsner, Caramunich, Carafa Special III, Biscuit Rye, Rum Soaked Oak Chips, Vanilla


- November - December

16oz Can 4 Pack 16oz Can 4 Pack
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