Rolling Thunder Imperial Stout

Grown, Built, Distilled & Brewed by Rogue

Rolling Thunder Barrel Works is our barrel making operation located next to the Rogue brewery and distillery in Newport, Oregon. As the first brewery-distillery cooperage in the country, we plane, trim, joint, hoop, hammer, bend, toast, croze, bevel, shape, saw, sand, cauterize and char Oregon oak in an effort to produce about 1 barrel each day. Rolling Thunder is a symbol of our dedication to Doing it Ourselves and staying true to our Oregon heritage.

Ingredients: First, we soaked our new Rolling Thunder Oak barrels with Dead Guy Whiskey. Then we aged our 2018 Rolling Thunder Imperial Stout in the barrels for 9 months. This one-of-a-kind, limited imperial stout can be enjoyed right away or cellared for years.


Silver - World Beer Championships
Bronze - World Beer Championships


- February