Dedicated to the Mother Scoby

styles - Imperial Blonde Ale, Kombucha

Kulture Clash Clear Mind, an invigorating blend of Brew Dr. Clear Mind kombucha and a Rogue imperial blonde ale serves up levitation in a bottle. Our teams of brewers worked together to manifest this blissed out kombucha-beer blend and created something almost other-worldly. The beer opens with bursts of bright citrus and transforms into notes of rosemary, mint, sage and green tea all brought together with base notes of malt.

Pair it with:
Yoga & Meditation
A Spring Hike
Hummus & Veggies

This is the second in the Kulture Clash series. Click here to see the original Kulture Clash which was released in 2018.

Ingredients: Brew Dr. Clear Mind Kombucha & Rogue Imperial Blonde Ale


- April

750ml 750ml